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Want to make your PDFs look engaging online? Convert them to HTML5 documents with a realistic page turn effect and seamless reading experience on any device.

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FlippingBook digital publications features

  • Interactivity

    Enhance your HTML5 publications by adding compelling videos, beautiful pop-up images, and outbound links to additional resources. This way, you’ll catch your readers' attention right away and get many new clients.

  • Easy sharing

    Page flipping publications give you amazing opportunities to reach a wider audience on every channel you have—simply email your flipbook as a link, embed it into your website, post on social media, or even share offline via a QR code.

    Easy sharing
  • Branding

    HTML5 documents are great for raising your brand awareness and keeping content consistency—brand your flipbooks with your company colors, add your own logo, favicon, and background. And the smooth page flip effect will make your publications look even more recognizable and unique.

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Page flip publications examples

Take a look at a great variety of different documents you can create with FlippingBook and how amazing your page flip HTML5 publications can be.

  • Ebook
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    Page flip ebooks

    Convert your PDF to a digital ebook to get quality leads and loyal clients, share your knowledge with the world, and track how your audience interacts with your content. With FlippingBook, you can also turn your ebook into a powerful lead generation tool thanks to a neat, customizable lead capture form.

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  • Catalog
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    Page flip catalogs

    Interactive catalogs boost your marketing and sales activities and give you a great competitive advantage. Share your catalog via a direct link and your clients will open it right away on any device, no matter the catalog size. Add an interactive table of contents, captivating videos, detailed pop-ups, and links to products in your store to make your catalog the number one source for your sales team and clients.

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  • Brochure
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    Page flip brochures

    Showcasing your projects with print-like digital brochures that have a realistic page flip effect becomes easy with FlippingBook. You can choose from a gallery of ready-made professional designs and add custom colors and backgrounds to enhance your brand. Plus, you can make your brochure interactive by inserting videos about your products and services and useful links to your website or shop.

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  • Magazine
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    Page flip magazines

    Create engaging interactive magazines with a great reading experience, life-like page flip effect, and comfortable viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Rise above the competition with online magazines that are easy to distribute and look highly professional and enticing. What’s more, advanced analytics allows you to know your audience better and make your content even more compelling and useful.

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